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Dear Steve,

What an incredible job you did for us on Fastlane. After three seasons working with you on X-Files, for me you were a shoe-in when aerial work arose on Fastlane. I was dialing your number as I read the scripts.

From the aerial beauty shots of Los Angeles you filmed for us early in the season to the full-tilt-boogie action sequences — on a scale rarely produced for one-hour episodic television, with high-speed exploding trucks and cars, flipping motorcycles, all of them up-close and personal with multiple helicopters — we never missed a beat, from early planning stages right through the final cut.

Thanks to your work, good eye, expertise, aerial coordination, your incedible flying, and thanks as well to the entire team you assembled, we had our audience’s hearts thumping like tom-toms. Everyone at Fastlane, John McNamara, David Barrett, Steve Boyum, loved what we put on the screen with your help.

Steve, I can’t thank you enough. You came through on every level: safety was never compromised, budgets were met, and as always, working with you was a pleasure.

The proof’s in the pudding, Steve, the film speaks for itself. Top drawer. I’m looking forward to the next one.


Tim Silver


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