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Motion Picture Aerial Production Services

My #1 Go To Person!

“Thank you for always being a team player and getting the job done! I really appreciate it and you are always my #1 go to person when it comes to helicopters. I was just talking to Warner Bros Safety and they love you too, Steve!”
– Sarah Cruz, Producer, CHUCK

Safety Never Compromised!

“Thanks to your incredible flying, we had our audience’s hearts thumping like tom-toms. Budgets were consistently met, but safety never compromised. You came through on every level and as always, working with you was a pleasure.”
– Tim Silver, Producer, FASTLANE


“Your background and experience as a first unit director is a great asset to your work as an aerial coordinator and motion picture pilot. I would not hesitate to use you again.”
– John G. Avildsen, Academy Award Winning Director ROCKY, KARATE KID

Best Aerial Talent!

“I cannot tell you what a blessing it was for me to work with you. Anyone who needs aerial work in their film project should be so lucky as to have you aboard.”
– Harry Bring, Producer THE X-FILES, CRIMINAL MINDS


“Thank you so much for everything. The magic hour take off shot was fantastic! The light that hit the plane just as it banked low against the hillside was dramatic… Thanks for taking such good care of us.”
– Louise Rosner, Executive producer, THE GOODS

Intricate Crash Sequences!

“The aerial sequences you directed and flew were a marvelous contribution to the look and feel of the film. Your constant concern for safety during the many intricate flying and crash sequences you choreographed was greatly appreciated by all.”
– Gordon Webb, Producer SIX DAYS / SEVEN NIGHTS


“The producers and network were thrilled with the aerials we shot with the motorcycle in the middle of the desert. They created a montage out of a number of our action shots. The last cut was that great angle straight down as the motorcycle entered frame below and we dropped right down on the road behind them as they drove off into the desert.”
– Arthur Anderson, Director, MELROSE PLACE

Die Hard Stuntwork!!!

“Wow! Perilous! Graphic! Seamless inter-cutting with existing footage! High volume! Highly efficient use of time! Thank you for helping me tell the story.”
– Rob Bowman, Producer-Director, REIGN OF FIRE, THE X-FILES, CASTLE

Always My First Call!

“Steve, it was a blast working with you and you will always be my first call in the future… I hope to see you again soon.”
– Gary Huckabay, Producer, MEMPHIS BEAT

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